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Back Alley Productions

Deep in the heart of Orange County, California, Back Alley Productions creates imaginative and memorable experiences in the field of independent filmmaking. Using the best minds and talent, we are determined to make the highest quality films, commercials, and music videos for personal and professional clients alike at very reasonable costs.


Our team consists of enthusiastic go-getters, who confront every filmmaking challenge with confidence and persistence. Our writing team has written stories and scripts from a few pages to feature lengths. Production teams are thorough and dedicated to creating realistic perspectives and awesome spectacles. And our Post-production team is skilled and well educated in the fine arts of editing, color, sound, and graphics.


PREPAREDNESS is one of our highest valued qualities. We strive to solve every problem that may come up on and off set with logical minds, knowledge from experience, and often a well thought-out back up plan. Always have a back up plan!


But have fun!

Owners Tasha Rose and Tracy Powell always encourage cast and crew to enjoy their experiences working with Back Alley Productions. We believe that a team that enjoys working together produces the best results. And we always encourage students and new filmmakers to lend a helping hand, so they, too, can learn, grow, and prosper.

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